Chaise Longues

If instant glamour is the aim you cannot go wrong with a classic chaise longue. They may be derived from centuries ago but they are still very much deemed as a luxury. The upholstered chaise lounges we offer are of the highest quality, with the white painted, French cream painted and dazzling silver velvet. The Chaise lounge brings the ultimate splash of finesse to any atmosphere.

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Why Choose a Chaise Longue for Your Home

The purpose of purchasing a chaise longue for your home is generally related to the desire of adding a touch of luxury in your home. Even though it may seem to some that chaise longues are no longer fashionable pieces of furniture, the upholstered ones that you can find at Dooley’s will add the ultimate touch of elegance to any room.

Our Selection of Chaise Longues

If you are looking for the perfect chaise longue that will create an elegant and intimate boudoir-style atmosphere in your bedroom, you will certainly find it at Dooley’s. Some of the models you can choose from include:

  • Silver Velvet Chaise
  • Chateau White Painted Chaise Longue
  • Valbonne French Painted Chaise Longue

Buying Chaise Longues Online at Dooley’s Furniture

It is very easy to purchase a chaise longue from our online store. We aim to provide our customers a totally hassle free online shopping experience. Just choose your preferred style and let us take care of the rest. For a mix of excellent customer service and quality products, trust Dooley’s furniture with all your furniture needs.