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Belgravia White Chic Furniture

The Belgravia Chic white furniture range is created to inject comfort, and plays on the unmistakable allure that a time-worn object has over us. Shabby Chic is an immensely popular range for the simple reason that it can fit in to anybody’s home whether it is a small country cottage or a bustling city apartment. It is both simple and elegant for the more traditional taste, yet with the crisp lines and intricate detailing it can fit in perfectly with contemporary living as well. The beauty of the Shabby Chic range is its versatility and the fact it can span generations, sophisticated for adults or teenagers, or applied to children’s bedrooms. Based on a Classic, Vintage French style, with a distressed detailing to give it that ‘lived with’ feel. You don’t need a master designer to get spectacular results with this Shabby Chic Furniture.

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